Accommodation and Dining In Jakarta – Arriving In Jakarta

There are five major train stations, one airport and three inter-city bus terminals in Jakarta.

When making arrangements to leave the city, be sure to ask the name of the one you will be using.

Air: All Jakarta flights now operate to and from the international airport at Cengkareng, 20 km (12 miles) to the west of the city. An expressway links Cengkareng to the city’s western edge, but from here heavy traffic can mean it will take about an hour to reach the central hotel districts.
Transportation to and from the airport is made relatively expensive by the expressway’s step auto toll (US$2,50) and a cab surcharge of US$2,30) that is tacked on to the metered fare, so expect to pay the equivalent of about US$8 – 10 to reach your destination.

Alternatively, hop aboard a convenient air conditioned damri airport bus operating to one of several strategic points in the city (Gambir Train Station, the old Kemayoran airport and Blok M in Kebayoran, among others) for only US$2 and then catch a cab from there to your hotel. Tehse large, cream coloured buses may be flagged down from any point in front of the terminals, though their schedule is irregular and the service stops around 8 p.m.

Sea: all ocean going vessels berth at Tanjung Priok Harbour, 10 km (6 miles) to the north east of the city. Tanjung Priok is about half an hour and US$6 from the city centre by cab.

Train: there are five major train station in Jakarta, but only two serve the First Class inter city trains. Kota Station in the north of the city is the gateway for Central and East Java, whereas Gambir Station on the eastern side of Medan Merdeka serves trains bound for Bogor and Bandung.

Train tickets should be purchased one day in advance from Carnation Travel Agency, corner of Jl. Kebon Sirih and Jl. Menteng raya (Jl. Menteng Raya 24, Jakarta Pusat, Tel: 344027, 356728 or else on the morning of your departure from the station ticket window. Allow 1 hour to reach the station ticket window. Allow 1 hour to reach the Kota Sation during business hours, because of the heavy traffic in that part of town. Most trains depart in the afternoon, although the Parahiangan trains to Bandung depart four times daily.
Gambir Station, Jl. Merdeka Timur, Tel: 342777, 352981.
Jakarta Kota Station, Jl. Station 1, Tel: 679194.

Bus: There are three bus terminals for buses operating to the west, the south, and the east of Jakarta. Buses to sumatra and Java’s west coast operate from Grogol Terminal (Tel: 592274) on the western edge of Jakarta. Those to Bandung, Bogor and other points south operate from Cililitan Terminal (Te: 803554) just beyond the old Halim Airport. Those to Central and East Java operate from Pulo Gadung Terminal (Tel: 4893742) where Jl. Bekasi Timur meets Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan All buses terminals are connected by local city buses to the city centre. Inter city buses also pick up passengers at their offices in the city, so if you know the address and dont mind getting there early and waiting on the bus as they collect passangers you can save the trip out to the terminal.

Mini Buses / Inter city Taxis: Best way to get to nearby city like Bogor, Bandung or Cirebon. They will pick you up and deliver you directly to your destination, for about the same fare as the train and slightly more than an air conditioned bus. They do not operate directly to more distant destinations. Ask your hotel to book seats for you a day or more in advance,
“4848” Inter city taxis, Jl. Prapatan 34, Tel: 348048, 364488.
Media, Jl. Johan 15, Tel: 343643.
Metro, Jl. Kopi 2C, Tel: 674585, 674000.
Parahyangan, Jl. R.H. Wahid Hasyim 13, Tel: 336155, 325539, 333434.

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