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Dining in Jakarta can be a delightful experience though on the whole restaurant meals

Are expensive here by Indonesian standards (about twice the price of a meal in the provinces), and the food is higly uneven in quality. Locals seek out obscure roadside stalls (warung) for a special soto or sate but too many visitors are hit with a stomach bug and this can ruin a week or more of your stay. It is posibble to eat a good meal in a clean restaurant for US$2 and truly excellent Indonesian or Chinese food can be had for US$5 a head. With the exception of Westerb – style food and service, a meal at the best restaurants will realy cost more than US$10 per person, all inclusive Seafood of any sort is excellent so be sure not to leave Jakarta without sampling some.

Indonesian Food: Indonesian food is course the smart traveller’s first choise in Jakarta, particularly as one may indulge in gastronomic island hopping on consecuitve nights.

Beginning with the northern tip of Sumatera, try the Acehnese restaurant, Sinar Medan, conveniently located on Jl. Sabang. Acehnese food is displayed and served cold on many small plates, in the same way as Padang food, but some say it is more delicately spiced, with a wider ranger of flavours.

The best Padang food is found at Roda and Sari Bundo. Here, as in all Padang restaurants, between 10 and 15 spicy dishes are placed in fromt of you and you pay only for what you eat. For slightly more atmosphere and a view (and at higher prices), try The Pepper Pot.

Javanese cuisine may be divided into four categories: Sundanese (West Javanese, Central Javanese, East Javanese and Muderese cooking. For an excellent Sundanese meal of grilled carp (ikan mas bakar), grilled chicken (ayam bakar), prawns (udang pancet), barbequed squid (cumi – cumi bakar) and a raw vegetable salad with shrimop paste chili sauce (lalap/sambal cobek), try the popular Sari Kuring. This is, incidentally, one of the best seafood places in town, and serves a deliciously cooling cucumber and lime juice drink.

The Central javanese delicacies are field chicken and gudeg. Javanese chicken are farmyard chickens, allowed to run free in the village. As a result they are full of flavour but very tough in comparison with factory fee chickens in the West. The Javanese boil their chickens first in a concoction of rich spices and coconut cream for several hours, before deep frying them for about a minute at very high temperatures to crips the outer coating. The two famous fried chicken places in Jakarta are both in Kebayoran: Ayam Bulungan and Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek.

Gudeg is the speciality of Yogyakarta, consisting of young jackfruit boiked in coconut cream and spices, served with buffalo hide boiled in chili sauce, chicken pieces, egg and gray. The best gudeg is to be had at a branch of the Yogya restaurant, Bu Tjitro’s.

East Java and Madura are known for their soups and their sate. For soto Madura (spicy chicken broth with noodles or rice), the best place is Pondok Jawa Timur. For chicken or mutton sate (barbequed meat skewers), the Senayan Satay House has a near monopoly on the Jakarta Scene, with its three convenient locations.

For the visitor’s convenience here follows a list of restaurants and even stall, where they can dine and take their time.
Ayam Bulungan, Jl. Bulungan No. 64, Tel: 7222005.
Ayam Goreng Monas, Jl. Mangga Raya Bl X No. 22 c Jakarta, Tel: 5665603.
Ayam Goreng Pemuda, Jl. Danau Sunter Utara, Tanjung Priok, Tel: 6510579
Ayam Goreng Ratu, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 81, Tel: 6292163.
Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek, Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo No.6a, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Tel: 8295366
Ayam Goreng Mardun, Jl. Mangga Besar, Taman Sari. Tel: 6290229

Athitya Loka, Jl, Satriamandala Museum. Jl, Jend Gatot Subroto, Tel: 516102.
Gudeg Bu Tjitro, Jl. kalilio No. 11 Senen, Tel: 4211301.
Handayani, Jl. Abdul Muis No. 35e, Tel: 373614.,
Lembur Kuring, Jl. Husein Sastranegara No.88, Benda, Kota Tangerang, Tel: 5503749
Lembur Kuring Bibet, Jl. Ampera Raya No. 120, Ragunan, Ps. Minggu, Kota, Tel: 78840255
Natrabu, Jl. H Agus Salim No. 29 A, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Tel: 31935718
Oasis Restaurant, Jl. Raden Saleh Raya No.47, Cikini, Menteng, Tel: 3150646
Pujasera Melawai, Jl. Panglima Polim III No.1, Melawai, Kebayoran. Baru,
Regina’s Bakery, Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.72, Menteng, Tel: 3900274
Rice Bowl, Kota Kasablanka, Lantai Lower Ground, Jl. Casablanca Raya, Tebet, Jakarta, Tel: 29488467
Salero Bagindo, Jl. Letjend Soeprapto, No. 69, Bungur, Senen, Tel: 36568200
Sari Bundo, Jl. Ir Juanda No. 27, Kebon Kelapa, Gambir, Tel: 3458343
Sari KuringJalan Raya Serang – Pandeglang KM. 13, Serang, Banten.
Senayan Satay House, Jl. Pakubuwono VI No. 6, Gunung, Kebayoran Baru, Tel: 7399403

Seafood: Seafood was formerly eaten either at Tanjung Priok, near the harbour, or on Jl. Pecenongan at streetside stalls. Atlthough these places are still popular, the prices have risen so that it is just as cheap, and far more pleasant, to eat seafood in a good restaurant. The most famous one is Yun Njan, formerly of Tanjung Priok. The atmoshpere here is somewhat plastic and busy, but the plates of steamed. grilled or fried crab, fish, prwans and squid are unfailingly fresh. Another good place nearby is the Sanur which also has a full menu of Chinese delicacies. The  Sari Kuring mentioned above and located next to Yun Njan, also has excellent seafood. More pricey but excellent Western style seafood can be had at the Marisari Restaurant in the Sahid Jaya Hotel. The Horison Hotel in Ancol also has a charming seafood restaurant, right by the sea.
Perahu Bugis, Horison Hotel, Ancol, Tel:
Mirasari Restaurant, Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jl. Jend Sudirman 86, Tel: 5704444
Sanur Restaurant, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 3 No. 31, Kebon Kelapa, Gambir, Tel: 3808262
Sari Kuring, Jl. Batu Ceper No. 55A, Tel: 3843737
Jun Njan, Jl. Batu Ceper 69, Kebon Kelapa, Gambir, Tel: 3814434

Chinese Restaurants
The Chinese food served in Jakarta cannot compare to that in Singapore. Hong Kong or taiwan, but it’s very very popular and compare favourably to Chinese food in the West. The premier banquet houses are the Cahaya Kota and the Istana and many others.
Cahaya Kota, Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No. 9, RT.12/RW.9, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Tel: 3143077.
Istana, Jl. Muara Karang Raya No.133, RT.11/RW.3, Pluit, Penjaringan, Tel: 6620585.
Crystal Jade, Grand Indonesia, East Mall Unit #EM-UG-01, Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, Menteng, Tel: 23580768.
Teratai, Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan No. 1, RW. 01, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Tel: 3804444.
Duck King Grand Indonesia, East Mall, Grand Indonesia, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1, RT.1/RW.5, Menteng, Tel: 2358045.
Resto Mandala, Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.80, RT.2/RW.4, Petogogan, Kby. Baru, Tel: 7398537.

Japan Restaurants
Akira Back Jakarta, MD Place Penthouse Level 12, Jalan Setia Budi Selatan No 7, Jaksel, Handphone: 0852-8887-7888.
Enmaru, The Plaza Office Tower Lantai 46, Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.28 – 30, Gondangdia, Menteng, Tel: 29922448.
Midori, Ruko Gading Bukit Indah Blok F No. 11, Jl. Bukit Gading Raya, Jakut, Tel: 4513920

Korean Restaurants
Tobak, Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.30, RT.1/RW.6, Petogogan, Kby. Baru, Tel: 7251135.
Magal Korea BBQ, Ruko LC 6 No. 19-20, Jl.boulevard barat raya, Kelapa Gading Barat, Tel: 29745644.
Han Gang, Grand Indonesia, Sky Bridge Level. 3 A Unit FDI – 08, Jl.MH. Thamrin, Kb. Melati, Tel: 23580710

Taiwan Restaurants
T2 Taiwanese Tea & Coffee, Ruko Cordoba Pantai Indah Kapuk Blok D No.12, Jalan Marina Raya, RT.6/RW.2, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Tel: 56983313.
Shihlin, Jl. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa. Gading No.3, Jakarta, Tel: 45853836.
Taiwan Food, RT.1/RW.5, Tegal Alur, Kalideres, Kota Jakarta Barat.
Dian Xin, Pluit Village Mall Lt. 4 No. 37, Jalan Pluit Indah Raya, Penjaringan, Jakut, Handphone: 0812-1862-2170.

Thai Restaurants
Ying Thai, Ruko Crown Golf Blok B No. 8-9, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Tel: 29525756.
Jit Pochana, Kehutanan Building, Gr, FI, Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto, Tel: 581784.
Thai Street Setiabudi one, No.Kav 62, 12920, Jalan Haji R. Rasuna Said No.Kav X-6 No. 8, Tel: 5255952.

Vietnam Reastaurants
Raa Caa, Lantai Ground, Jl. Hayam Wuruk VI, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta. Tel: 22035860
Saigon Cafe, Gran Rubina Business Park Generali Tower Lt. 1 Unit B, Kawasan Rasuna Epicentrum, Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Tel: 29115575
Pargeu, Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No.41, RT.1/RW.4, Gondangdia, Menteng, , Tel: 3915456

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