Accommodation and Dining in Ubud Balinese

Accommodation and Dining in Ubud Balinese

Ubud Accommodation – Accommodation in Ubud: Accommodations in Ubud does noth have the modern luxuries of most international hotels, but it does have a charm that you cannot find elsewhere.

1. Hotels Menara – 9 rooms, across the street from Ubud’s art museum, is simply furnished. US$2 to US$10. Breakfast or all meals may be included in the tariff.

2. Hotel Mutiara – 6 rooms, small and well-kept rooms surrounding a garden patio with a dinning pavilion. The price of US$8 to US$13 includes meals.

3. Hotel Puri Saren – 14 bungalows, home of the Cokorda Agung, head of Ubud’s royal family. Bungalows, in private courtyard and gardens, are decorated with Balinese antuques. US$15 to US$24 including meals.

4. Hotel Tjampuhan – 26 rooms, bungalows and swimming pool beautifully located on a green hillside above the confluence of two rivers. US$7 including meals.

5. Hotel Ubud – 18 rooms, a Balinese home. Quiet bungalows around a neatly swept courtyard. US$5 to US$10.

6. Losmen Mustika  – 5 rooms, boarding house on the main road 200 metres from the village centre. Very simple furnishings. You eat out and sleep in, as in the losmen style. US$1,50. Coffee or tea included.

6. Puri Saraswati – 6 bungalows, bungalows on a lawn adjacent tro Ubud’s old temple and lake gardens. US$8 to US$25 including breakfast and tea.

7. Ananda Cottages – hotel with 10 bungalows. US$15 to US20 including breakfast.

8. Hans Snel’s Bungalows – 5 Cottages, in artist’s garden home. US$20 to US$30. Breakfast included.

Like the village, the cuisine here in Balinese and unpretentious, with meals often served on a open pavilion in garden. Minced meat on skewers, along with white rice and a number of fish, meat and vegetable dishes make up the daily menu at the

Tjampuhan Hotel – For simple meals, the snack bar in front of Hotel Munara serves refreshments and snack. Hotel Ubud and Puri saraswati Hotel will prepare a local meal upon request.

At the foot of the Tjampuhan bridge stands Murni’s Warung, the sign outside proclaiming “the best hamburgers this side of the black stump” – and so they are! Also magnificent fruit salads and yoghurt. Murni serves all kinds of exellent Western and Chinese food at reasonable prices.

The Cafe Lotus at Puri Saraswati in the center of Ubud serves delicious Western and Balinese cuisine, including pastas dishes, salads, omelettes and cups of frothy capuccino. Excellent cakes also.

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