Accommodation and Dining of Batu or Selecta

Just above Malang, 23 km to the west,

Is the hill town of Batu with its neighbouring colonial resort, Selecta. Several motels with swimming pool have been buitl around here, notably the large Songgoriti complex located on the main road some distance past Batu. The older Dutch bungalow resort at Selecta is still very well kept, with huge suite available for only US$15.

Asida (49 rooms), Jl. Panglima Sudirman 99, Batu, malang tel: 259
Batu Hotel, Jl. Hasanuddin 4, Batu, Malang, Tel: 77, 234
Libra Bungalows, Jl. Konto 4, batu, Malang, Tel: 64.
Palem (35 rooms), Jl. Trunojoyo 26, Batu Malang, Tel: 177.
Palem Sari (22 rooms), Jl. Raya Punten, Batu, Malang, Tel: 219.
Purnama (95 rooms), Jl. Raya Selecta, Batu, Malang, Tel 195.
Santoso II, Jl. Tulungrejo, Batu, Malang, Tel: 25.
Selecta Hotel & Pool, Jl. Tulungrejo, Batu, Malang, Tel: 25.
Songgoriti Hotel, Jl. Songgoriti, Batu, Malang, Tel: 126.

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