Accommodation and Dining of Jakarta – Getting Around Jakarta

Getting around Jakarta can be tricky

Thanks to our legendary traffic but thankfully there is a variety of ways to travel in the city. No matter what your personal needs and preference, you can find the perfect ride to navigate the Big Durian.

Rental cars: 
Rental Cars: Available with drivers from Avis and Hertz or from any major hotel. Hourly or daily rates are available within the city; trips out of town are charged on a round trip basis according to a fixed schedule. For example, a trip to Bogor and back will cost roughly US$25 for a total distance of almost 160 km (100 miles) and an elaped time of between 3 and 4 hours.
Avis Car Rental, Jl. Diponegoro 25, Tel: 331974, 332900.
Bluebird Taxi, Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 107, Tel: 325607, 333461, 333485.
Hertz Car Rental, Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro 11E, Tel: 332610, 332739.
Multi Sri, Jl. Diponegoro No. 25, 334495.
National Car Rental, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10, Kartika Plaza Hotel, Te: 333423.

City Buses: cheap (Rp 100 fixed fare), but often crowded and sometimes dangerous as they do not stop completely when picking up and discharging passangers. You must also beware of pickpockets, expecially during peak hours. Your hotel staff can advise you which buses to take, and a bus map is sometimes available from the Tourist Information Centre in the Jakarta Theatre Building on Jl. Thamrin.

Taxis: By far the most practical way of getting around the city and fares are reasonable. The flag down fare is currently Rp600 or about US$30 for the first km (0,6 miles) and Rp 20 for each subsequent 100 metres. It costs about US$2 to US$5 for most cross town journeys. Cabs are available at any hotel and easily hailed on major roads. President and Bluebird are the largest and generally the most reliable companies. Radio cabs may be summoned by phone. Be sure the meter is on when you get in, and that it stays on for the entire journey. Some cabbies will try and take you for a ride. It is a good idea to rent a cab by the hour if you intend making a lot of stops. Tipping is not customary, but drivers rarely have change, so carry some with tou and even then be prepared to round off to the nearest Rp 500 or US$50.

Online Motorcycle Taxi: For a cheaper option, online taxi companies Uber, Grab, and GoJek also offer online motorcycle taxis. Just like their online taxi facilities, they have set a pre-determined price for your desired ride, so you won’t need to bargain with the drivers just like you would with the traditional ojeks. Another plus point we love about online motorcycle taxi is that they come with free head covers and masks to keep the riders’ hair clean despite the use of helmet.

Ojeks or Motorcycle Taxis: can traditionally be found during the day on most street corners. They can take one passenger just around the corner or even across town. The big pro is that the motorcycles can get into tight spots making them super convenient during rush-hour traffic, but you’ll have to put on your bargaining hat and haggle over a price with the driver. Mostly it depends on distance, although traffic is a consideration too. Most drivers have a helmet for their passengers but it can still be quite dangerous weaving in an out of traffic with no protection. On a less serious note, you get pretty sweaty and blasted by exhaust and other pollutants so an ojek ride can get pretty grimy.

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