Accommodation and Dining of Semarang To Jogja

The trip from Semarang to Yogyakarta is a delightful 2 hour

Ride which will take you over the mountains across the narrow “waist” of java. If you have the time, spend a night halfway in the mountain resort of Bandungan, to see the Gedung Sanga temples – about 10 km (6 miles) from here. try to get up to the temples in the early morning- they are spectacular at sunrise. There are hot springs at the end of the trail beyond the temples, so bring along your swimsuit a towel.

Getting There
Turn right at the sign in the middle of Ambarawa (or get off the bus here and wait for a mini bus going up the hill). Bandungan is 7 km (4 miles) above Ambarawa.

There are amny hotels in Bandungan at the top of the road. The Wina and the Gaya are the biggest. None are expensive – US$20 a night, tops with many rooms for less than US$10. The best place is the Rawa Pening Hotel – turn left at the top of the hill and continue out of Bandungan town for about 1 km – you will see an old colonial mansion with bungalows above it on your right. You can get a bungalow here for US$20 to US$25 a night, a double room for US$12.

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