Accommodation and Dining of Ujung Kulon National Reserve

Ujung Kulon’s floral and fauna species is recommended available from the publisher

A Hoogerwerf’s authoritative book on Ujung Kulon’s floral and fauna species is recommended available from the publisher, E.J. Brill in Leiden. The Directorate General of Touristm in Jakarta also publisher a very informative brochure about Ujung Kulon, and Vayatour (Jl. Batu Tulis 38, Jakarta, Tel 365008, 377339) offers a deluxe three day deep sea fishing tour to the park for US$375 per person, all inclusive.

The first step is to get a permit at the head offices of the PPA (Departement of Nature Conservation) at Jl. Juanda No. 9 in Bogor, just to the left of the Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya) – an Bogor south of Jakarta by car or bus (SeeBogor” below”). Bring your passport along and get there in the morning (they are open daily Mon. To Sat. From 8 a.m. to noon). There are forms to fill out and a small fee to pay. Ask them to call the PPA office in Labuan while you are there, to reserve space in a guest bungalow within the park for the dates of your intended visit.

It is important to equip yoursefl well for the trip. The bungalows in the park do provide bedding and cooking utensils, even a cook, but you must bring your own food. A mosquito net (available for only US$6 from any housegoods shop) and repellent are a must, you may also want to bring along your own sheets, a first aid kit and some camping supplies (if you intend to make the two day hike around the south and west coasts). Many basic provisions, such as canned foods, bottled drinks and rice can be purchased in shops in Labuan, but you may want to bring your supplies from Jakarta.

Once in Labuan (to get there, SeeWest Coast Beaches” above), check in at the PPA office to show them your permit and to make arrangements for a boat and a bungalow. It is a good idea to confirm all fees in advance, including payments for service provided by park staff (such as cooks and guides), and use of park equipment, such as motorboats. The government launch may be available to take you into the park, otherwise the PPA officers will help you charter a local fishing craft. Cost is about US$100 each way be sure that you make an appointment for the boat to pick you up at a specified time and day, and if you want to detour on the way back via Krakatau for a look at the volcano, this should be negotiated in advance. If you arrive at Labuan eraly enough, then it may be possible to embark immediately for Ujung Kulon, otherwise spend the night at one of the hotels in nearby Carita Beach just a short distance to the north.

The park’s guest bungalows are situated on two small islands. Handeleum Island is somewhat closer (5 hours from Labuan) and has one older, two storey bungalow that sleeps eight. Peucang Island (7 hours from Labuan) has two newer cabins, sleeping a total of 16 people with a comfortable lounge area. Both islands are populated by monitor lizards, wild deer and long tailed macaques and are worth exploring in their own right. The bungalows have resident staff and small motor boats and motor upriver, though you may have to supply the gasoline (inquire at the PPA office about this before leaving, and purchase a few 5 litre jerry cans in Labuan if necessary).

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