East Java and Madura – Wildlife On The Way To Bali

The eastern salient of Java is formed by three highly active volcanic clusters

Each of which now contains a nature reserve or national park. The most frequently visited of these is Mt. Bromo, a cone inside the huge Tengger Caldera, that has a hotel conveniently situated on its lip. (See “Indonesia’s Incredible Wildlife.”) The other two, the Yang Plateau and Ijen Crater are also accessible, but require somewhat more preparation.

There are, in additin, there coastal game reserves in this area, that can be visited on the way to or from Bali (connected to Java by the Ketapang – Gilimanuk ferry). The most accessible of these is the Baluran Game Reserve at Java’s northeastrent tip. (See “Indonesia’s Incredible Wildlife.”) The protruding southeasternment tip of Java has also been designateed a reserve, the Banyuwangi Selatan Reserve, and though there are no roads leading into it, surfers have constructed bamboo shacks on the western shore and often charter boats over from Bali to take advantage of the excellent waves here.

More enticing, perhaps, for non surfers is the Menu Betiri Reserve on the southern coast around Sukamade, where giant sea turtles lay their eggs on black sand beaches and a rain pocket has created unusually dense jungles. This area is also the last refuse of the nearly extinct Javan Tiger. (See Travel Tips.)

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