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Indonesia is well connected to the rest of the world by numerous airlines

Coming from outside the Indonesian archipelago you have two main airports at Cengkareng 20 km (12.5 miles) west of jakarta or through Ngurah Rai Airport near Denpasar on the neoghbouring island of Bali with connecting flights to Yogyakarta.

Airport tax on international flight departures Rp 50.000. Halim International Airport will continue to serve only special flights including government and state quests as well as hajis, and some connecting flights to Java and Kalimantan. A highway links Cengkareng with Jakarta and until a railway system is completed buses will operate at regular intervals to Gambir – itself the location of a railway station and only a few minutes by road from the city.

A majority of visitor arrive in Jakarta from Singapore. Garuda and Singapore Airlines have five to eight flight daily from Singapore to Jakarta at between US$170 and US$190 for round trip, one month excursion fares. A one month excursion fare is available from Singapore to Bali with stops in Jakarta and Yogyakarta for approximately US$300.

Departure Tax: Departure tax is almost always included in the price of the ticket.

Indonesian Airline Safety: There’s no way around it: Indonesia’s airlines do not have a good safety record. From 2014–15 more than 360 people died in a string of aviation disasters. Flying conditions are often challenging (monsoons, volcanic eruptions etc), safety standards can be lax and the airlines themselves run in a less-than-professional manner especially as some expand very rapidly, outpacing efforts to instill a safety culture.

Many Indonesian airlines remain banned by the EC (Mobility and Transport) from its airspace because of safety concerns. Notable exceptions are Garuda Indonesia and Indonesia AirAsia.

Should you be worried? The odds of a fatal flight in Indonesia are very small, even if they are higher than elsewhere. When possible, pick a major airline over a smaller one and in really remote locations, feel free to do your own inspection of the plane and crew before you fly.

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