Jakarta Indonesia’s Metropolis – Joyride to Kebayoran Baru

Hail a cab and brace yourself for the high

Speed cruise down Jl. Thamrin and Jl. Sudirman to the new satellite city of Kebayoran Baru. Along the way, you’ll pass many monuments to Indoenesia’s recent economic development; banks, hotels, shopping centres and office blocks. Twenty years ago, this was a ceremonial boulevard with nothing on either side. Today, it is lined with high – rise building.

In Kebayoran, which is the supper – class residential suburd of the city, visit a supermarket or department store near Blok M, just to examine the range and prices of goods available to affluent Indonesias. The World bank rates jakarta one of the most expensive cities in the world, for a person living a western, consumer – oriented lifestyle. Then try one of the trendy restaurants or pubs in the are. lastly, tour an adjacent residential neighbourhood, where airconditioned western style home rents US$1500 a month paid there years in advance!.

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