South and West Bali – Over The Water

Sanur’s main attraction is leisure –

A facet of life not unknown to those who live here. Strolls up and down the beach can easily occupy your day, capped by a fine meal and an evening dance performance.

For a bit more activity catch on the sailing prahus that ply the hotl shores, and sail across the narrow strait (two hours) to Lembongan Island, spending the day snorkeling in the crystal water of this idyllic island off an idyllic island. The architecture and culture of the Lembongan’s two or three small adjacent villages are still very medieval: pure and strong.

Cross to the neighbouring big brother island, Nusa Peninda and take a stroll through the forgotten mountain villages of Bali’s former penal colony – the views to Bali are unforgettable. The island is celebrated as the home of the demong king, Ratu Gede Mencaling, who once terrorized much of southern Bali. The demon king lives onn in the legends and ceremonies of the island, especially the giant puppet dance, Barong Landung, performed in village streets and temple square on festival days. Nusa Peninda is incidentally where Bali’s best lobster is caught and sold.

Sail farther south to Desa Tanjung, a picturesque fishing village on the fas side of Benoa harbour. Bronze icons, survivors from a 15th century Chinese shipwreck, are still worshipped in a annex of the village’s Chinese temple Bali’s oldest.

If you return to Sanur and visit Belanjong temple, you’ll see an inscription on a lo pillar that commemorates the victories of the great king, Sri Kesari Warmadewa, over his enemies in 913 AD.

Tours can be arranged, or prahus easily hired to visit the beautiful Pura Sakenan temple on Pulau Serangan (turtle island). twice a year at Kuningan, a holiday which caps the festive Galungan season, hundreds of thousands of Balinese converge on the temple – gliding across the narrow shoal in outriggers, conveying offerings, Barong masks and even entire gamelan orchestras. Giant sea turtles lay their eggs here at night, and villagers on the island hatch and raise them for their meat and shells. Beautiful seashells are collected and sold to visitors.

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