The Rocky Road To Inedependence – Revolution – 1945-1950

Before The Independence Day Of Indonesia, on Aug.9, 1945

The day the second atomic bomb was dropped, there Indonesian leaders were flown to Saigon to meet with the Japanese Commander for Southeast Asia, Marshal Terauchi. The marshal promised them independence for all the former Dutch possessions in Asia and appointed Soekarta chairman of the preparatory committee with Mohammed Hatta as vice-chairman. They arrived back in Jakarta on August 14th and the very next day Japan surrounded unconditionally to the Allies. Following two days of debate, Soekarno and Hatta were persuaded to proclaim merdeka (Independence Day Of Indonesia) on August 17th and the long process of constructing a government was begun.

The following months were chaotic. News of the Japanese surrender spread like fire and millions of Indonesian enthusiastically echoed the call for merdeka! The Dutch eventually returned, but Holland was at this time in a shambles and world opinion was against them.

The national leaders, too, were hesitant and divided, awed by the swift course of events and undecided whether to press for full victory or negotiate a compromise. The ensuing struggle was this a strange combination of bitter fighting, punctuated by calm diplomacy.
n the end, heroic sacrifices on the battle field by tens of thousands of Indonesian youth placed the Dutch in an untenable position. Three Dutch “police actions” gave the returning colonial force control of the cities, but each time the ragtag Indonesian army valiantly fought back, and to all foreign observers it became clear that the revolution would drag on for years if a political solution were not achieved.

Finally in January, 1949, the United States halted the transfer of Marshall Plan funds to the Netherlands and the UN Security Council ordered the Dutch to withdraw their forces and negotiate a settlement. This done, Dutch infuence in Indonesia rapidly crumbled, and on Aug. 17, 1950-the fifth anniversary of the merdeka proclamation-all previous governments and agreements were unilaterally swept away by the new government of the Republic of Indonesia.

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