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Indonesia’s motto, Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Unity In Diversity) is seen in its most driving, potent form in the work of language.
Although there are over 350 languages and dialects sopken in the archipelago, the one national tongue, Bahasa Indonesia, will take you from the northernmost tips of Sumatera through Java and across the string of island to Irian Jaya. Bahasa Indonesia is both an old and new language. It is based on Malay, which has been the lingua franca throughout much of south – east Asia for centuries, but it has changed rapidly in the past few decades to meer the needs a modern nation.

Although formal Indonesia is a complex language demanding seroius study, the construction of basic Indonesia sentences is relatively easy. A compact and cheap book, How to Master the Indonesia Language by Almatseier, is widely available in Indonesia and should prove invaluable in helping you say what you want to say. Indonesian is written in the Roman alphabet and, unlike some Asian languages, is not tonal
Indonesia always use their language to sho respect when addressing others, especially when a younger person speaks to his elders. The custom is to address an elder man as bapak or pak (father) and an elder woman as ibu (mother), and even in the case of sightly younger people who are obviously VIPs, this from of address is suitable and correct. Bung (in West Java) and mas (in Central and East Java) roughly translate as “brother” and are used with equals, people your own age whom you don’t know all that well, and with hotel clerks, taxi drivers, tou guides and waiters (it’s friendly, and a few notches above “buddy” or mate”).
In addition, we need to know the language of Indonesia that is pretty much about 19 languages including bahasa Indonesian Language that is the mother, and even then only in a few clans or tribes in indonesia. However this may have been or will be declared extinct by some linguists in the field organinsasi. like the language and the Moluccas, Irian Jaya, NTT is included in 19 languages that existed in Indonesia.
Therefore, I know more certainly more famous Indonesia or flashy language:
  • Java Language
  • Malay-Indonesia
  • Sundanese Language
  • Madurese Language
  • Batak Languages
  • Minangkabau Language
  • Bugis Language
  • Acehnese Language
  • Balinese Language
  • Banjar Language
Although this is understood and used by more than 90% of the citizens of Indonesia, bahasa Indonesia is not the first language for most aspects. The majority of the citizens of Indonesia using one language in Indonesia under dari748 as a first language. Indonesia often used language speakers daily version (kolokial) and/or with a Malay dialect or another language.

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